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Mon-Fri Lunch Mix
(On-Air Saturday  2pm-7pm)

DJ Mondo started messing around with the turntables when he was about 8 years old.  It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  His mom was cool with her young DJ because she knew his love for music and knew it would keep him OUT OF THE STREETS!!! DJ Mondo is from the “low end” of Chicago, Illinois and the streets were always calling. Spinning records is the instrument that the Most High God used to keep him safe and to further develop the creative faculties that He has given to all.  Mondo started as a House Music DJ back in the day.  With the rise of Hip Hop and R&B, he saw that his skills were universally useful as he simply broadened his range of music play and kept doing what he was always accustomed to doing, spinning records and moving the crowd. The DJs that influenced him coming up were Farley Jackmaster Funk, of the Hot Mix Five; his boy Steve Davis, DJ Pharris (the Heavy Hitter), and Bad Boy Bill. After graduating from high school, he took the tunes and style with him to the University of Central Arkansas and then to Illinois State University.  At ISU, he began to gain On-Air radio experience at WZND (106.1 FM), hosting the “Afternoon Get Down”  Djing in the clubs and spinning On-Air led to a mix show. Ya boy DJ Mondo is now currently a MIXSHOW DJ for HOT 105.5 FM (WCZQ).  Come share in this musical experience and may all be blessed by the power God has place in music.  You can reach me at Two Turntables and a Mic, IT’S ON!!!

HOMETOWN:  Chicago, Illinois. (South Side Represent!!!)

BIRTHDAY:  August 9.

PERSONAL QUOTE:  “Real people do real things, that’s why they’re real.”

FAVORITE ARTIST:  Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Prince, Common…


FAVORITE MOVIES:  Malcolm X, Enter the Dragon, Austin Powers, Scarface…

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  History Channel, Sports center, CNN…

FAVORITE RESTAURANTS:  Ming’s (the Buffet is off the chain. They make me wanna go in there with a book bag and come up, Lol!!!)

FAVORITE SONG LYRIC:  “I gotta go, where you going, I gotta get back to the money.” – Lil Wayne “You Aint Know”

FAVORITE TEAMS: Football - The Bears, what you thought, I’m loyal to the hood baby!!! Basketball:  The Bulls, you aint know.  Baseball:  The White Sox. (I’m from the South Side of Chicago and the “low end” at that.)

FAVORITE HANG OUT:  My room. The studio is there and well…you know, there’s music to be made in one way or another.

TIP FOR THE LADIES:  The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Insecurity leads to unhappiness, therefore put your trust in God.

TIP FOR THE HATERS:  Take notes and master your craft grasshopper. 

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